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OK, so if you look at virtually EVERY major successful athlete, they have a coach. Most every successful executive has a coach/mentor that they would credit a piece of their success to as well. Due to the intimate nature of the relationship, these coaches and mentors will at times counsel their clients on a variety of life issues that they may be encountering. My business works the same way.

For the vast majority of people, career and life are highly intertwined. And because of that, it is quite typical for an occasional session to spill over into some life coaching. And while I have never liked the term “Life Coach” used in regard to my work, most of the reason for that has been the barrier to entry. There are few legal credentials that define a “Life Coach”, and therefore I often encounter people of questionable authority billing themselves as life coaches.

My main focus and expertise revolves around Career Coaching. So what I would say to you is, if you are looking for purely a Life Coach, there’s probably someone out there more focused in that specific area. But if you are looking for career advice with some corresponding life coaching thrown in, you’ve probably found the right coach.

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